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Exodus | Believe

Starting toward the end of September will be a sermon series on Exodus. Our theme throughout the year will be belonging to God. The book of Exodus makes the power and presence of God very tangible through the many miraculous works God did when He delivered Israel. One of the best parts of the book of Exodus is God’s sincere heart for His people. There is a strong focus all throughout the book on God acting in power on behalf of the one’s He is committed to. The book however comes with a sharp rebuke to our reluctance to belong to God. My prayer for our people in to continue growing in their wonder of God and examine the ways they conduct their lives. The following resources are for your own personal growth. The fist is a Bible study that will take you in greater detail through the book of Exodus. And, the second, I’m recommending to families to read each week before Sunday to give kids a orientation to what our messages will be about.


Exodus Free Downloadable Bible study by Jen Wilkin


Amazon describes the book: Nancy Ganz, author of Herein Is Love, creatively focuses our attention on the events that bring this story to life. The series has the richness of well-written literature and the depth of understanding inherent in a commentary. The result is a series of books that live and sing. They help parent and child understand the Christ-centered Word, and they are enjoyable reading for both. Your own faith will be strengthened while reading to your children, and your children will be encouraged, lesson by lesson, to believe in the Lord Jesus.


The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Believer


Sunday morning sermons at MAC from July through August 2019 will be a topical approach to living with the presence of God’s Holy Spirit. If you would like to spend more time studying on your own or in a group, the following material would be a good place to start:

John Owen Holy Spirit.jpg

The Holy Spirit: His Gifts and Power by John Owen

John Owen (1616-1683) was an deep thinker and through writer. When you dig into his work it takes time. The Holy Spirit is not a light summer read but a very valuable one. Feel free to pick a copy up for yourself and read at your own pace. The sermon series will not follow the book, but if you want to continue digging, this book would be a good place.


American Gospel

Recently a documentary has come out reminding us of the importance of holding fast to the Gospel of Jesus. Teaching or studying the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer can be a confusing subject. While there is a lot of teachings out there about the Holy Spirit, but not all of it is true. The American Gospel distinguishes the Gospel from Prosperity gospels. Prosperity gospels often lean into teaching about the Holy Spirit or how God’s power is available to us, but have the worldly goals. The Gospel requires us to have eternal goals and pursue the Lord. As we examine the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believe we will emphasize God’s goals over our own.