MAC is an elder led church.  As Elders we pray the Gospel of Jesus Christ would continue to transform those around us. To share the Gospel with our community and beyond, our church runs several ministries with key leaders that help us accomplish the work.  We expect from all our leaders that they know and love Jesus, being those who have have been changed by the cross and live by the power of the Holy Spirit. They are men and women who live by God’s Word and commit us to following Jesus and relying on Him.


Pastoral Staff:


Senior Pastor

Will Kosel

Growing up loosely churched by attending church services with my parents from time to time, left me with an understanding of who God was but no personal understanding of the Gospel. In Sunday school I heard that the disciples all fled when Jesus was taken prisoner before being crucified. ‘Friends don’t abandon a friend like,’ I thought. The Bible lesson seemed like a ridiculous call to negativity, expectation of failure, and I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. As I left church, I began to see that fewer and fewer people would really sacrifice for one another. The world left me disheartened. But a friend invited me to church and there I saw a different kind of community and I saw it with fresh eyes. That community didn’t start caring for one another based on what a friend “should be.” They cared for one another because of the way Jesus did for them. Jesus laid his life down that all his friends would be saved from sin and death and that instead they would receive life and the Spirit. I prayed to trust in Jesus, not because I was a good friend (in fact I was just like the disciples) but because he was. Now I live in light of the cross and the great love my God has poured out to me.


Associate Pastor

Kyle Kohl

All around great guy




Duane Childs 



Marvin Mickleson

Brian Packard.jpg

Brian packard 

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Scott Ruis.jpg

Scott Ruis


Ministry Leaders

Tom Ruis


Cindy DeBoer



Mona Petty

Music Ministry Director

norma wright.jpg

Norma Wright

Great Commission Women


Alison Orton

AWANA Commander

Laura Carpenter.jpg

Laura Carpenter

Sunday School Director

debbie vedders.png

Debbie Vedders

Children’s Church Director